A Christmas Cycle

A Christmas Cycle is a photographic series of Christmas trees which explores the yearly Christmas tradition of growing, buying and disposing of real Christmas trees. It is my aim to persuade people to ensure they properly recycle their Christmas tree and to make recycling a part of their lives year-round. Currently, all of London’s Buroughs operate tree recycling programmes, though, not all residents take advantage of the schemes. Trees not recycled end up being landfilled or incinerated.


Originally, I felt that artificial Christmas trees were a more environmentally better solution. However, I have come to the conclustion that real trees are in fact better when properly recycled, as artificial trees take a lot of resources to manufacture and transport, inevitably wear out and are not currently recyclable.


The photographs in the series were taken in people's homes, late at night on the streets of London and at a tree farm outside London, before and after Christmas 2012. The trees were untouched and photographed as they were found.


The project was featured on:

Wired RawFile along with a short interview.





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