House of Fairy Tales with Anna Kompaniets

Photographs from the opening day of Breaker's Yard at Sutton House in Hackney, August, 2014. The yard behind Sutton House had been a rubbish strewn lot for years. Artist, Daniel Lobb and House of Fairy Tales, established by Deborah Curtis and Gavin Turk, were commissioned to turn the lot around, and in fantastic style, they succeeded in turning it into an amazing garden.


Anna Kompaniets was brought in - along with a cast of models - by House of Fairy Tales to add an extra splash to the festivities. My main aim was to photograph the costumed performers who were all fantastic; each a meticulously crafted character cooked up by the always imaginitive Anna. These weren't meant to be documentary, event style images and I really wanted to add to the fantasy and surreality of the costumes and personalities, so I aimed to make the images punch and the colours pop. To do this, many of the photographs were taken with a polarizer and off-camera strobe held by very helpful volunteers.



Adam Frank Walker arrives in style, greeted by Amy Bentley (left) and Treeney Harkin (right)

 Adam Frank Walker, Elizabeth Cleeve and Anna Kompaniets

 Adam Frank Walker, Elizabeth Cleeve and Anna Kompaniets

Amy Bentley

Treeney Harkin

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