TYPO Talks

I readily jumped at the chance when asked by the organiser if I could take black & white portraits of some of the guest speakers.  The portraits were taken in an impromptu studio I set up behind the main stage, using Elinchrom strobes. I wanted to make sure that the portraits weren't repetitive, boring headshots and that some sense of personality was captured. A challenge, considering I only had a few minutes with each person.


Andreas Frohloff

Hijalti Karlsson

Kate Moross

Sara De Bondt

Peter Gregson

Paul Barnes

Rick Banks

Gerry Leonidas

Tim Beard


Freda Sack


Bea Beste


Ken Garland


Patrick Cox


James Jarvis

An interview with James Jarvis featuring this photograph at http://www.designboom.com/art/interview-with-artist-james-jarvis-05-22-2014/


copyright 2020 Jason Wen